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Tourism Development in the District


We have undertaken a of the various earmarked for Development of Tourism sector in Tehri District. The enclosed Report takes care of development of Tourism infrastructure, Beautifications of Tourist spots and Capacity building activities pertaining to Tourism development in the district with special emphasis on Employment Generation.

Final Master Plan


Estimated Cost of the project

S. No. Proposed Works Cost (in Rs. Lac)
1 Development proposal for Kempty fall 424.00
2 Development proposal for Kunjapuri 135.25
3 Development proposal for Chandrabadni 80.00
4 Developmant proposal for Chamba 65.00
5 Developmant proposal for ghansali (Guttu Area) 89.00
6 Development proposal for Pratap Nagar 92.93
7 Development proposal / Tourist Utilites at Chamba-Dharasu bend on cluster approach 25.00
  Total Estimated Cost of the project 911.18


OBSERVATION- Kempty Fall area the first impressions were or congestion due to lack of designated parking space. There was an absence of proper signage showing pathways and access points to the fall. The Pathway was in disrepair the Bath Pond is insufficient in size, which can be increased by constructing a pool on the left side of the bridge below the lower station of ropeway. There are too many shops temporary structures around the bath area, which gives a feeling of claustrophobia. These areas need to be opened up and only tourists sitting places to be created. The shops structures should be relocated far away from the main fall and bath area.


Present Amenities Requirement / Possibility Proposed works Cost (in Lac) Remarks
The access pathway is presently damaged and difficult to navigate. Railings are required along the pathway. Strengthening/renovation of Access pathway form Kempty-fall Market to Fall. 25.00 Easy access/tourist convenience
Again due to increase in tourist traffic the available bath area is insufficient and becomes very crowded. The space can be increased by including or creating the area on the left of the bridge. The existing bath area is insufficient for the no. of tourist that visit Kampty Fall, this no. is increasing every year and the ropeway to the fall has also increased the no. of Visitors. I visited the site along with the D.M and identified that three new bathing areas could be developed.This requires a detailed survey and planning of the area. Widening of bath area at main-fall Development of three-stage extension of bathing area. 355.00 Increased space for bathing activity and Improves Tourism
The access pathway is presently damaged and difficult to navigate Present path way as well as other path ways leading to campty fall needs to be renovated. Renovation of other pathways connecting to Kempty-fall 2.00 Easy access/tourist convenience
Drinking water is available It only needs proper storage Construction of Drinking water tanks 2.00 Tourist convenience
Available Toilets at present is in dilapidated condition. Present toilets insufficient and need renovation New construction / Renovation of old Toilet / utility Blocks 10.00 Tourist convenience
Presently there are no. of temporary structures around bath area which occupies space Removal of these structure open up the space and create a good ambiance in that area. Removal of temporary structures around the bath area and creating sitting space for tourists 25.00 Tourist convenience and accommodate more people.
There is lack of know how i.e. information about locality. Proper information needs to be provided for the convenience of tourist. Signage and garbage bins 5.00 Information
Total Eximated Expenditure (Kempty Fall) 424.00  


OBSRVATION- On my visit to temple via Narendra Nagar. This being my visit. I had difficulty in locating the turning from the main road. There is an urgent requirement of Signage en-route as well as a gate signage at the turning point. The road from the main highway to the temple is in good condition. The wild shrubs along the road need to be cut. At the base point of the temple there are no facilities of tourist shelter and public convenience. Though water is a problem in this area. I still recommend construction of public toilets which can be supplied water through tankers at least during the peak time of summers as well as Navratras.A shoe house is required at the entrance of the temple complex. The tank near the entrance is in disrepair and cracked at various places. There is a Rainwater Harvesting Tank which is insufficient an additional tank may be constructed. I met the manager Pandit Dharamsingh Bhandri (Ph. No. 9719265925) who showed me the location of toilets that may be build behing the temple in my view the area behind the temple is very steep and construction is not viable. I could locate a good spot on the right of the step going down as there is a water storage tank on the left and plain land on the right (at 100 step) the stairs passage may be covered to provide shelter to the pilgrims.

The Plasda Lake at Narendra Nagar is a very scenic location where a tourist Picnic spot can be developed. Catering not only to the pilgrims on the yatra route but also to the tourists on a pleasure trip. The lake requires to be developed with pathways, electrification, signage, public toilets, benches, Children Park, a small restaurant and picnic huts. The Neer Waterfall at link road is also very attractive and an all season fall. this is already attractive tourists. The volume of tourists will increase once it is beautified and proper signage is provided. the acces road to this spot needs to be strengthened and designated parking space to be earmarked near the fall.

On my visit to the temple via Mussoorie my first impressions were lack of Proper signage and tourist rest points en-route and at Kaddukhal. Public conveniences like toilets and drinking water facility arte non-existent. There is no designated parking space forcing vehicles to park along the road. The walk way is broken at various locations and needs substantial repairs. Although it is a long uphill trek there is no shelter of rest points along the way. Horses ply on the route and are a nuisance to the pedestrians. They also cause bad smell on the route. Many old and disabled people trek up for the pilgrimage.


Present Amenities Requirement / Possibility Proposed works Cost (InLac) Remarks
Open stairs, which lead to temple complex. The stair passage may be covered to provide shelter to the pilgrim and protect the stairs Construction of covered Shelter on stairs. 25.00 Tourist convenience
Existing water tank near temple is leaking Repair / renovation of water tank Repairs of existing water Tanks. 0.25 Retain water
No provision for Toilets Space on the left of 200 step appropriate for toilet Construction of Toilet Blacks near the temple area. 30.00 Tourist Convenience
There is a existing rain water harvesting tank Required to support the toilet blocks Additional Water tank for Rain water Harvesting 10.00 Tourist Convenience
No facility of Tourist shelters. There is an urgent requirement of tourist shelters. Tourist Shelters at Lower level. 10.00 Tourist Convenience
Non-availability of signage. For awareness of the tourists. Signage to be provided on roads at every Km. Towards both sides up to minimum 5 Km.A big signage at the turning point on the highway along with short information about the temple. 10.00 Tourist information Very difficult to identify the turning point and exact location from main road
Bemunda Fall as well as bathing area available but is in raw shapes needs proper upgradation Fall development as well as infrastructure development is required as this can be developed as an important tourist destination. Beautification & site development of Bemunda Fall. 40.00 Tourist attraction
Road from gram panchayat Khetpaly to BurashKhanda Temple. Infrastructure development to facilitate tourist movement. Beautification of contact road from Gram panchayat Khetpaly to BurashKhanda Temple. 5.00 Tourist convenience
Bhairav Temple at Gram Panchayat, Dingaon. Infrastructure development repair of floor around the temple, benches, shelter. Beautification of Bhairav temple at Gram Panchayat, Dingaon. 5.00 Tourist convenience
Total Estimated Expenditure (Kunjapuri) 135.25  


Present Amenities Requirement / possibility Proposed works Cost (InLac) Remarks
Ukliari Thappar mela is a big event. Upgradation of the area by providing shelter and platform Development of Ukliari Thappat area for annual mela. 10.00 Tourist convenience
Temple lacks viewpoint. Important tourist destination requires view point Development of viewpoint at the all cornors of siddhapith temple complex. 10.00 Tourist convenience
Temple lacks tourist accommodation Infrastructure development Construction of tourist accommodation at Sidhpeeth temple 50.00 Tourist convenience
No facility of Toilets / sheds Infrastructure development land is available in temple complex. Construction of toilets / sheds at temple 10.00 Tourist convenience
Total Estimated Expenditure (Chandrabadni) 80.00  


Present Amenities Requirement / Possibility Proposed works Cost  (in Lac) Remarks
Roadside parking for Bus Stand. Infrastructure Development Development of Bus stand at Chamba 55.00 Tourist Convenience
Devidhar Tourist Place with very less Tourism infrastructure. View point of Dense forest and picnic spot Beautification of Devidhar Tourist place with benches & shelters. 10.00 Tourist Attraction
Total Estimated Expenditure 65.00  


Present Amenities Requirement / Possibility Proposed work Cost (in Lac) Remarks
Ghadiyal Soad with lack of parking facilities and tourist shelter. Parking, benches and shelter. Development of parking facility and construction of shelter at Ghadiyal soad 40.00 Tourist covenience
A guest house of GMVN is situated at Dhuttu. Also there is ample facilities for supply daily needs. At Reeh a tourist guest house of GMVN is availavle, where proper arrangement of lodging is there. Maximum no. of tourist visits Khatling glacier route at the tributary of Bilagna river via. Dhuttu. Construction of 11 huts at every 1 km.between REEH to GANGI 16.50 Tourist Attaction
A steep footpath from Reeh to Gangi leading to a tourist rest house of GMVN at Gangi. Distance from Gangi to Khatling via virodh Kharsoum is 18 km, where we can experience a magnificient view of glacier and tributary of villagna river. Construction of road between Gangi to Khatling. 7.00 Tourist Attaction
Footpath from Reeh to Khatling is steep and tough, for this a hut at every 2 km is proposed. As footpath from Dhuttu to Reeh is almost leveled, so it is proposed to construct a hut every 2 km starting Dhuttu. Although it may be proposed to construct shelters at different locations but due to effect of cold wind and snowfall, hut will be more suitable then shelters. Construction of 17 huts at every 1 km. between Gangi to Khatling road. 25.50 Tourist Attaction
Total Estimated Expenditure (Ghansali) 89.00  


Present Amenities Requirement / Possibility Proposed work Cost(in Lac) Remarks
At present a there is a two room house at temple complex in possession of temple authority, which is in dilapidated condition. Road leading to temple complex need to be renovated. Land for construction is available. Development of tourist accommodation within temple complex (1 hall – 15 m x 6 m in ground floor & 2 rooms in first floor) 30.00 Infrastructure development as around 50,000 pilgrims visit the temple other than mela time in one year and on mela day around 50,000 pilgrims visit the temple. According to survey 700 vechiles had come on mela day in 2005-06.
A water source just below temple and another source, 1 Km. from Manbhagi sauod is available.  There is no strong tank. They needs proper storage. By constructing two tanks we may utilze these for drinking purpose. Beautification of 2 km long road Manbhagi saud to Temple complex. Construction of shelter at 5 places. Dustbin-6 nos. (concrete).Construction of 1 water tank just below temple complex and 1 water tank 1 km distance from Manbhagi saud. Construction of surface drain etc. 30.00 Constuction of railing pathway, benches and shelter are required. These will also be useful for the local working women to reach their destination.
Lack of alternate pathway   Development of alternate pathway outside of temple complex from Nagraj Dharamshala to temple complex. (200 meter) 1.00 To avoid pressure of working woman, mule and other animals etc. in the Temple complex.
A ground 300 x 300 m is available for fair and other cultural activities Present boundary wall is only 150' long Development of a 300 x 300m. ground and 250 mt. long boundary wall at Manbhaghi saud tourist place. Construction of 200 mt. lon surface drain from fround to Talbala saim to avoid water logging of the ground. 9.93 Development of cultural activities as thers is an annual mela where traders come to sell goods.
    Development of wire fencing and benches at Talbala taal in 100 mt. bund. 30 mt. bund and stage 10 mt. (size of lake 250 x 250 mt.) 11.00  
Talbala Lake with ample water. Boating Development of rtaining wall near Talbala Lake (50m length x 4m height) 4.00 Tourist attraction
A vacant land is available at Manbhagi Saud (last end) Can be develop as bus terminus. Development of Bus Stand at Manbhagi Saud (last point) 7.00 Tourist attraction
Total Estimated Expenditure Pratap Nagar 92.93  


Present Amenities Requirement / Possibility Proposed works Cost (in Lac) Remarks
Temple lacks infrastructure facilities. Painting, Pathways, benches, drinking water facilites, water storage tanks and Public convenices. Beautification of cluster of Temples near chamba-Dharasu bend, (Nagraja Temple-Kangura, Bhairav Temple-Appugarh, Nagraja Temple-Khatkhet,Agarna Temple) 25.00 Pilgrim Tourism Development
Total Estimated Expenditure

Source : District Administration Tehri Garwal - Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 19-03-2018