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Kunja puri


Kunjapuri is the name given to a peak having an altitude of about 1,676 m. It lies in Lat. 30`11` N. and Long. 78`20` E., about 93 km. from Devaprayag and 7 km. from Narendra Nagar. It commands a beautiful view of the snow-ranges of the Himalayas and of the valley of the Bhagirathi. It contains an old temple dedicated to the goddess Kunjapuri Devi which is visited by a number of people every year. Nearby, in Agarakhal, there is a dak bungalow situated in picturesque surroundings and maitnained by the public works department. Kunjapuri is said to be one of the sidddhapeeths established in the region by Jagadguru Shankaracharya and legend has it that the upper-half of the body of Sati, wife of Siva, fell here when Siva was carrying it to Kailash after Sati had flung herself in the yajna fires when some derogatory remarks were made about her husband by her father Daksha

Source : District Administration Tehri Garwal - Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 19-03-2018