Culture & Heritage

It is very difficult to describe Garhwal in few words. This place has worldwide recognition. As Devbhoomi here you can find a Majority of Temples, Spiritual Tourism. Garhwal region is surrounded by splendid beauty of Himalayan River and Valley that are the Major attraction of Garhwal.

Uttarakhand has been blessed with a rich culture. From ghagra dresses of women to the delicious Phaanu dish and from Langvir Nritya to the Jhodas folk songs, everything binds the people here. The beliefs and lifestyles of Kumaoni and Garhwali people dominate the culture. Apart from these two prominent ethnic groups, the place is a home for Jaunsari, Buksha, Tharu, Bhotia and Raji ethnic groups. Most people of Uttarakhand prefer to stay in stale roofed houses and terraced fields.

The highlights of the Gharwali culture should be its history, people, religion and dances. All of them are a beautiful amalgamation of different influences from all the races and dynasties it has been ruled by. Its history is chequered in comparison to the arts culture but still interesting enough to hold a person’s consideration.

Its dances are connected to life and human existence and exhibit myriad human emotions. Any trip to this tranquil will be incomplete unless you explore the wonderful culture and lifestyle of the local people.

Garhwal owes its popularity because it features the Chaar-dhaam of the sacred Hindu pilgrimage and hence is known as Devbhoomi or God’s Land. The food of the region is simple and earthy in presentation, but heavenly in taste.

Given the harsh and hilly terrain, Garhwalis love their meat and it occupies a place of pride in any menu. During a village temple’s inauguration, all locals are invited, even if they stay outside the state or the country, and more often than not, they make it a point to pay a visit.

Garhwali Famous Foods:

Few Garhwalis can resist the thick, dark brown coloured rotis made from Manduwa (buckwheat or millet grain), which they eat with big helpings of homemade ghee. The other flatbread that is widely eaten in the Garhwal-Kumaon hills is the Gehat Parantha which is best enjoyed with Kulath Daal.

To make this parantha, the daal is soaked overnight, pressure-cooked, mashed and stuffed in kneaded wheat flour with lot of garlic, green chillis, salt and cooked, rolled into flat bread over a hot griddle or tava. Apart from this parantha, there are many others like Roat, Rus, Kaphuli, Chanchyya, Bhaang Ki Chutney, etc.

But the next time you plan a visit to Garhwal, We strongly suggest you connect with a native before and make a list of restaurants where you can taste the local delicacies. Your trip might just get an unexpected edge.